We are joining Walmart Labs India!!

13 Dec, 2018

We started int.ai in the beginning of 2016 with an ambitious mission to build an AI powered personal data analyst for every business executive. In the process we developed expertise in blending machine learning with data analytics to uncover insights that significantly impact business metrics. We also developed a reliable enterprise data platform.

Today, after working for almost 3 years on it, we are very happy to let you know that our entire team will be joining Walmart Labs, India. We will continue to apply what we have learnt in order to help optimize the shopping experience for millions of customers. It excites us to get our hands on data at Walmart scale!

We sincerely thank all our friends, family and early customers who have stood by us through these 3 years. We also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Startup Chile without whom we would not even have made it this far.

🙏 🙏
Praneeth & Vinay
Meet Gin...
...an AI powered virtual analyst who translates your data into relevant insights.

How It Works

Your very own personal analyst

Gin will send you insights about your business

You will receive summary insights and periodic notifications about how your metrics are behaving via email/slack/other platforms.

You can order Gin to probe a metric further

Gin will dig deep into the reasons for the behavior of the metric by extensively analyzing it over all the possible dimensions.

Gin will send you the investigation findings

You will receive the findings of this investigation with relevat supporting information. Gin will also file an incident and record all happenings for human review at a later point in time.

You can escalate the issue for human intervention

Gin will alert the human analyst and send the findings unearthed so far for further probe and conclusion.

You can continute the conversation and conclude

Gin will record the conversation history, learn from this conclusion for limited future usage and close this incident.

You can also order Gin to serve your ad-hoc data requirements

Feature Highlight

A powerful analytical platform at heart

Simplified Interactions

State what you want in simple english and interact with your virtual analyst just like how you would interact with a human.

Hassle Free Interfaces

Don't want to login or download an app? We've got you covered, you can interact with the platform via email, slack and many more interfaces.

Data Enrichment Support

Use our robust rule engines and machine learning algorithms to clean and enrich your data coming from several disparate sources.

Standard metrics out of the box

In built forecast models

Readily usable public data sets

Our Story

We love what we do. We hope you do too!!

Having built reporting systems and analysis frameworks for various use cases across companies, we realised that most times the pains we faced were similar. You start out by understanding the borderline ridiculous table names and relationships, spend multiple days weeding out the junk from the data, generate same reports differently again and again then rinse and repeat. At the end of all this there's no time and energy left for using data to do things that will save money for the business or for generating useful insights. Most importantly there is no time and energy left for doing what we love; analyse and understand all that the data can reveal.

Most times having enough data is seldom the problem but knowing what that data can do for the business is. Plenty of existing tools and solutions solve some of these problems either in disjoint pockets or in a manner that ends up being more complex for the users. Therefore, we stopped and wondered if this could be done differently. We looked into the future and solved it our way. After understanding our users, we simply focused on removing all the clutter and complexity and give them what they want, when they want it and in the most easily understandable way. We are helping businesses make data conscious decisions everyday!!

We are on a mission to build a global analytics product. We believe in the power of shared ideas and royalty free knowledge. Every day we struggle to show the world that a small group of dedicated people can do amazing things!! If you share our beliefs and love working with data or enjoy building large scale analytical systems, we want to work with you. Please drop us a line at [email protected].

Start making data conscious decisions today

We are currently in private beta. Let us know if you would like to have pre release access to the product.